Real Estate

As the flagship division of Lido Labs, our real estate division provides millions of home seekers everyday with access to active real estate listings from across the US.

Looking for the best homes?

We have them!

Our easy-to-search listing service allows users to filter listings not only in their local area, but specific to their search profile. We return relevant results at the rate of thousands per minute.

Looking for the best homes on the market under $10,000? We have them. Looking for rental properties in a certain zip code? We have them. No matter if you are looking for a price drop alert, properties recently in foreclosure or owner listed homes with rent to own options we bring them all to you in a beautiful image-forward format. Our users can log favorites, share homes they like on social media networks, and even research realtors.

Don’t get caught up in big sites that don’t purge old listings. We update our listings directly from the MLS in real time to provide accurate matching for home seekers.

For our advertisers

Our Real Estate focused home seekers offer our advertisers a great opportunity in the following areas:

  • Real Estate Leads
  • Mortgage Offers
  • Credit Repair Offers
  • Moving Offers
  • Home Services Offers
  • Personal Loan Offers

Reach out to our team to discuss a possible match with our real estate advertising opportunities. We are here to custom tailor a relevant campaign for you.