Conceal Carry

Nobody wants to feel unsafe and unable to protect themselves and their loved ones. Our concealed carry division is dedicated to giving you the education, tools, and resources necessary to obtain your concealed carry permit.

Protect Yourself...

People are searching how to protect their home and loved ones

People are tired of the rhetoric. Tired of waiting on lawmakers to figure out what to do to make them feel safe. It's always the same thing... Talk without action. Everyday Americans are at risk. Everyday Americans aren't interested in "Tactical" training. They aren't waking up in the morning thinking, "I wanna search Google today for tactical military training". Everyday Americans aren't looking to wear a badge and be a hero. They are searching for how to protect their home. They are searching how to identify danger before its too late & what to do when something happens.

We are focused on taking a practical approach to training rather than a "tactical" one. In the truest sense of the word "Tactical" is good, but in the world of Training too many trainers take a "bruit" or "militant" style in their training classes.

In response to what people are actually searching for day to day, we have developed a training style that focuses more on situational awareness, threat avoidance, and measured response to danger. In addition we believe "knowledge is power" so we focus on using technology to create training experiences that elevate emotions where classroom skills meet the reality of timing and quick decision making.

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