Active career seekers are no strangers to us. We help millions of people every year find new jobs in local job markets across the US.

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Career-minded individuals are typically very active online, conducting thousands of online searches during their career search period. We take bold action in this cornerstone division at Lido Labs when it comes to serving the right job opportunities to our visitors.

Through powerful search and sort algorithms, our job and career center sites serve results to thousands of employment seeking individuals everyday. Segmenting jobs by company, industry, job title, and geographic region allows us to display the right opportunities on every search.

Our socially driven Social Score 360 job search engine allows us to bring in a user's social media profile data to help them find relevant employment based on their behavior, likes, and interests online. We take matching very seriously as it is of utmost relevance to our users.

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Our Career-focused audience offers our advertisers a great opportunity in the following areas:

  • Job Applicant Leads
  • Education and Training Program Offers
  • Resume Service Offers
  • Age/Demographic Specific Offers

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