About Us

We do it all on purpose. Based on the theory that people are not clones but are uniquely and creatively fashioned, Lido Labs = intelligent, interpersonal conversation unique as a fingerprint and dynamic as the halls of time.

We Are Lido Labs

An exclusive and creative team of people

Lido Labs focuses on formulating the ideal balance between a content-rich experience for our online audiences and naturally matched offers from our advertisers. Intelligent algorithms and data segmentation allow us to meet our goals while fulfilling the requests of our ad partners, data partners, and consumers who have grown to trust our brands.

At Lido Labs, we roll up our sleeves and put in the time and attention necessary to test everything. As in a chemical laboratory, we recognize the risk of mixing the wrong “elements” while trying to create success.

Compliance and relevance come first when exposing consumers to sponsored content. Unfortunately, the wrong messaging could cost both the advertiser and the consumer both time and money. We consider the audience for each and every offer or opt-in we create. Getting the right eyes on the right opportunity is the difference between great success and great failure.